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Fun Facts

Starling, who started her PR career in book publishing, was the publicist for Steve Martin, Donny Osmond and gossip columnist, Liz Smith. She even shared the same birthday with Ms. Smith.

Starling’s proudest media accomplishment was securing The Oprah Winfrey Show for a tiny paperback book: Ten Talks Parents Must Have with Their Children about Violence, by Dominic Cappello.

The company name, Link Communications, was the brainchild of the founder’s dear friend. It was finalized by the two on a park bench in Brooklyn while eating paninis and fending off eager pigeons.

Link Communications is named after the founder’s mother, Jane Link Fleming, who was a beloved teacher for more than 30 years, drawing national attention, including a visit from First Lady Barbara Bush.

​​Starling, who grew up one of three girls in a tiny town in North Carolina, dreamed of living in New York City – until she packed up a U-Haul and followed her dream in the late 90s.

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