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People often understand what advertising is (paid placement), but they are generally unclear on the value of public relations. Public relations and communications are about how you represent your brand, the words you choose and the way you talk to people – clients, customers or your community in general.  Communications is about presenting a consistent image, one voice, but even more so, one voice that helps you make the desired connection with your target audience. It’s about adapting that voice to reach varying audiences or to address the evolving needs of your business. Let Link Communications help guide you through the process, find your company’s voice and refine it when the time comes.


Link Communications has myriad public relations capabilities. Whether your company simply needs help with email marketing campaigns or a comprehensive communications plan, let Link help develop a strategic plan that connects your brand to your target audience. The company’s focus is providing individualized attention to help customize communications strategies that work for its clients. The goal is to help you get the results you’re seeking.

  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Messaging

  • Press Releases 

  • Online Content

  • E-marketing

  • Speeches

  • Media Training/Preparation

  • Annual Reports

  • Event Materials (e.g., gala invites, program books, presentations)

  • Event Logistics (e.g., celebrity handler, run of show)

  • Video Scripts/On-Site Video Producer

  • Newsletters

  • Feature Articles/Op-eds

  • Fact Sheets

  • Staff Training/Professional Development

  • Third-party Liaison

  • Vendor Coordination

  • Targeted Fundraising (via partner company)

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